Walker Die Casting, Inc.

Control of alloy composition and cleanliness is maintained throughout the conversion process.
Multipe-furnace melting and molten receiving capability

Four 60,000-80,000 lb. reverberatory and six 15,000 lb. barrel furnaces are supplied with molten aluminum as well as sow and ingot. Multiple-furnace melting and molten receiving capability ensure an uninterrupted material source for casting operations.

Molten metal is de-gassed before delivery to the casting machine holding furnaces. These furnaces are equipped with silicon carbide filters to remove any remaining impurities. Automatic-ladle and dosing type holding furnaces are currently utilized. Silicon Carbide filters remove any remaining impurities.

In-house Spectograph analysis

Aluminum alloys are typically received pre-certified to ANSI specifications for 380, 383 and 413 designations. Additionally, every shipment is subject to verification by in-house Spectrograph® analysis to ensure conformance to customer requirements.
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