Walker Die Casting, Inc.

Casting Production
A range of casting machines and secondary processes are available to provide customers with exactly the value-added content required.

Extraordinary range of casting machines and trim presses

An extraordinary range of casting machines from 1000 to 4500 tons is available to accommodate customer tooling . All 37 casting machines are linked to a centralized ShotScope® process and production monitoring system.

The combined reverberatory and barrel furnace melting capacity is in excess of 700,000 lbs/day. Proper filtering and handling practices precede delivery of metal to the holding furnaces, which themselves are strictly maintained and periodically reconditioned in-house. Capacity is in excess of 500,000 lbs/day
Flash removal and part cleaning equipment

Flash removal and part cleaning equipment are located in the Secondary Processing Department. Technicians are experienced with continuous-feed, hanger/spinner, and tumble type shotblast systems. Locktite® Anaerobic Impregnation is available for complex or heavily machined parts.

Our machining capabilities include CNC centers for increased flexibility.
RAM CNC machining centers provide flexibility

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