Walker Die Casting, Inc.

Secondary Operations
Post-casting treatment of parts with cleanliness or appearance requirements

Continuous-feeder, hanger/spinner and tumble shotblast machines

Castings are routed to the appropriate shotblast system depending on size, shape and surface finish desired.  Three systems are operated for maximum flexibility in part cleaning and finishing:  continuous feed, hanger/spinner and tumble.

Many parts with pressure-tight requirements are tested prior to delivery.  The Tooling Engineering and Maintenance groups have extensive experience in managing the design, procurement and operation of air-under-water, mass-flow and air-decay leak test equipment. Pressure-tight requirements are tested
300 gallon Locktite system

Resin impregnation is increasingly being validated for critical function castings.  A 300 gallon Locktite® system is available to improve acceptance rates for pressure-tight applications.  Complex and heavily-machined parts are often treated to improve customer throughput .
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